Won’t You Please Shine Down on Me

Oh, Mister Moon, Moon, Bright and silvery moon, Won’t you please shine down on me.

Oh, Mister Moon, Moon, Bright and silvery moon, Come from behind that tree.

Tonight we are close to having a Harvest Moon, that big orange full moon that rises soon after the Fall Equinox.  My three shaggy pals join me for a night walk.  Fly and Cappy take off into the brush to flush a rabbit and snack on rabbit duds.  Luci Freckles sleepily navigates the path before munching on a night log.  They seem oblivious to the silver disk shining down on us.   I listen to the grass-bending of rabbits and moles and mice; the whisper of night wings; the soft slow chirps of cold invertebrates; the night bays of neighbor dogs.

I hear children’s voices singing little ditties,  Mister Moon.

“I see the moon and the moon sees me. God bless the moon and God bless me.”

Before whistling in my pups I breathe out a  thanks for silvery memories of my babies’ childhoods; and whisper a plea for their continued safety.  I hope my two remember to look up this week and harvest my love, sent by moonlight, to their new homes.

Goodnight, Moon.


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