Baby Makes Three

Luci is sprawled out at my feet, reminiscent of big dog Cappy, who is sitting outside somewhere fuming about the pint- sized competition.  Big dog Fly is sprawled out on the foyer’s stone, on the OTHER side of the baby gate. 

A truce, of sorts, forty-eight hours into my latest insane attempt to cope with Empty Nest Syndrome.  The thinking goes something like this: If I add another piece of fur to my life, then I will have to nurture THAT life and butt out of my children’s budding adulthoods.  It sounds so sane, so rational. 


Since when is self-induced sleep deprivation a healthy alternative to anything? 

To remind myself of why I am willingly engaging in torture I have developed my What a Great Idea List:

  • The fifteen pounds of caramel-colored fluff already wiggles in glee every time she catches sight of me. 
  • Scoop The Puppy Before The Pee is a great game and definitely gets the mom juices flowing, and I don’t have time to notice young adult surliness.
  • Dogs are generally much more obedient than kids. 
  • Agility games are more fun to play than cheerleading from the rail of a horse show or from the sidelines of a youth sport. 
  • Dogs always want you to pay attention to them. 

I feel much saner.


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